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Caregiver Support Program

Purpose of the Program

Due to the high demand for medical services of the victims due to old age and diseases caused by the physical and psychological damages inflicted by their experiences as ‘comfort women’, this program is aimed at promoting the welfare of the women by supporting them with caregivers which is not part of the medical benefits they receive.

Legal Basis

Article 4 of the Act on Livelihood Stability and Memorial Services, etc. for Former Sexual Slavery Victims of the Japanese Imperial Army and Article 7-2 of its Enforcement Decree

Application Procedures

Application-Investigation-Support Decision-Payment

Support Decision

Details of Subsidies

Amount: Available up to USD 15,200/year per person

  • (General unit cost) Applications for hospital or in-home nursing services expenses can be made under the following scope.
  • (Special unit cost) Applications can only be made under the following scope if the person eligible for livelihood stability support has limited mobility, a condition equivalent to quadriplegia and hemiparesis, or is hospitalized in emergency rooms or locked wards.

※ If the amount of budget execution exceeds the annual limit per person (USD 15,200), the amount must be adjusted within the budget of the local government. Moreover, if the nursing costs exceed the allocated budget, approval from the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family must be secured.

Limits for Nursing Care Subsidy

Limits for Nursing Care Subsidy
Category Limits per day
Full-day system (24 hr) Half-day system (12 hr)
Hospital care General unit cost USD 69 (KRW 82,000) USD 50 (KRW 59,000) (12-hr basis day/night shifts)
Special unit cost USD 79 (KRW 93,000) USD 59 (KRW 70,000) (12-hr basis day/night shifts)
In-home care General unit cost USD 74 (KRW 88,000) USD 55 (KRW 65,000) (12-hr basis day/night shifts)
*Applications can be made on an hourly basis for in-home care, and the hourly unit cost is USD 7.2 (KRW 8,590). Moreover, the half-day system will be applied if it exceeds 8 hr.

※In principle, a nursing service provider is a person who has completed formal education on the field (qualification to be verified if necessary).
However, if such nursing services are not available, a person who can provide the same level of service can be accepted. Under such cases, prior consultation is required.

Application and Procedure for Subsidy Payment

If a person wants to avail of nursing services, he/she should submit an application form and supporting documents by the 25th of every month to the si (city), gun (county), or gu (district) that has jurisdiction over the application. Then, the city, county, and district must receive and confirm the submitted documents and request the payment of subsidy to the municipal or provincial government by the 30th of every month.

<Supporting Documents for an Application>

Supporting Documents for an Application
Category Documents
Hospital care

① A copy of the nursing service application form     to be downloaded

② A copy of the hospital bill or hospitalization certificate

In-home care

① A copy of the nursing service application form

② A copy of the in-home nursing service certificate to be downloaded

③ A copy of the medical diagnosis

In principle, the city/province should check the applications and pay subsidies to the persons eligible for livelihood stability support directly to their bank accounts by the 5th of next month.
If needed, subsidies can be directly paid to a guardian, representative, or nursing care service provider. Then, the status of the subsidy payments and submitted documents must be reported to the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family every month.

<Procedures for Care Cost Support>

Submission of nursing service application forms (including supporting documents)
(Applicant→City, county, and district)
Receiving/Confirmation of application forms; requesting of subsidy payments
(City, county, and district →City and province)
Payment of subsidies and notification of results
(City and province →City, county, and district)
Monthly report and budget request
(City and province→Ministry of Gender Equality and Family)

※The redemption of nursing care subsidies, monthly reports, and budget allocation requests must proceed according to the “Support for Persons Eligible for Livelihood Stability Support” in the operating guidelines.