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Treatment Programs and Customized Support

Purpose of the Program

Support is provided to ‘comfort women’ victims to relieve them of physical and mental suffering and to enable them to enjoy their life to the fullest.

Legal Basis

pursuant to Article 2-2 of the Act on Livelihood Stability and Memorial Services, etc. for Former Sexual Slavery Victims of the Japanese Imperial Army

Details of the program

Details of the program

Deposit payment Application receipt
Review of business plan
Selection of program implementer and adjustmentf submitted amount
Business expense support

Selection Criteria for Program Implementer

  • A professional group that can provide high-quality services to victims based on the historical awareness of ‘comfort women’ and the group’s understanding of their personal history.
  • An organization that has formed emotional ties with the victims and knows about their history and living conditions.

Details of the program

  • Support for visitation activities : conduct regular visits to support activities necessary for daily life, and to enable victims and the implementers to maintain a steady and progressive relationship with the victims to maintain their emotional stability
  • Support for hobbies : support various hobbies such as art, song, and gym (yoga), so that victims can maintain vitality and happy emotions in their daily lives
  • Support for outdoor activities : support outdoor activities such as sightseeing
    ▷ If support for overseas travel such as attendance at international events, approval from the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family is required in advance.
  • Support for health care : Health care support enables victims of ‘comfort women’ to receive medical care to satisfy health care needs (oriental medicine, western medicine, dental care, emergency, etc.) that are not covered by health care benefits.
    ▷ For victims residing overseas, support for medical expenses and travel to Korea is supported as long as it is within the budget.
  • Custom support : support for housing repair, mobility aids such as wheelchairs, and orthotics such as dentures.